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2703, 2018

Igor Technologies Offers a POE Lighting Solution

March 27, 2018|Product Updates|

March 27, 2018 POE Lighting is a Revolution in the Lighting Industry. There are a variety of ways to implement your Igor Intelligent PoE Platform today. Intelligent PoE LEDs have enabled the development of more intelligent controls and platforms. In some circles, wireless systems are a hot new topic now, but it will be PoE Connected Lighting Platforms that will win out in the long [...]

1203, 2018

Ventev Infrastructure Offers a Wireless Enclosure for Every Application

March 12, 2018|Product Updates|

March 12, 2018 Ventev Infrastructure has very innovative and reliable enclosures to protect or hide your wireless access points and antennas.  Whether your application is to hide or minimize visibility of an indoor antenna or if it is to protect an access point outside in the elements, Ventev has a solution for you.  Here are a few examples of some of the unique enclosures with [...]

503, 2018

CommScope Introduces Era C-RAN Antenna System

March 5, 2018|Product Updates|

March 5, 2018 CommScope is leading the way in wireless technology with the new Era C-RAN antenna solution. The vast majority of mobile data traffic occurs indoors, where operator networks struggle to reach. This means sluggish data and dropped calls. An in-building wireless solution like a distributed antenna system (DAS) helps, but in a sprawling campus or office park, the high cost and large footprint [...]

1701, 2018

CommScope Data Center Series – Volume 3: Where will future data centers take us?

January 17, 2018|Product Updates|

January 17, 2018 Checklist: Building an Edge Data Center Building an edge data center to provide a cloud computing environment within a service provider central office can be a complex endeavor.   Navigating the Road to Terabit Ethernet How to use it, where to use it, when to plan for more of it. That’s where useful tools like the Ethernet roadmap come in handy ... [...]

1401, 2018

Cable Exchange and Ventev – Newest Additions to NETP Manufacturers

January 14, 2018|Company News|

January 15, 2018 NETP is pleased to announce two new product lines to our already innovative and leading manufacturers. Cable Exchange, A CommScope Company, is a leading manufacturer of copper and fiber patch cords, pigtails and fiber trunks for the enterprise and data center space.  Cable Exchange has operations in North Carolina and California and can ship assemblies to arrive in days from time of [...]

1001, 2018

CommScope Data Center Series – Volume 2: What is the best choice for MPO growth in the data center?

January 10, 2018|Product Updates|

January 10, 2018 Which is best: an 8-, 12- or 24-fiber infrastructure? How to evaluate and choose the fiber media and cabling options that best suit your data center delivery strategy and architecture needs.   Riding the train to long-term growth in data centers Higher bandwidth fiber and ultra low-loss modular connectivity solutions will enable you to meet lower loss budgets—now and in the future. [...]

301, 2018

CommScope Data Center Series – Volume 1: High Speed Migration in the Data Center

January 3, 2018|Product Updates|

January 3, 2018 Is your data center infrastructure agile, flexible and scalable? Is it ready for future bandwidth demands? Our newest portfolio of modular, ultra-low loss fiber connectivity solutions can help.     Ultra-Low Loss Fiber Solutions Higher bandwidth fiber and ultra low-loss modular connectivity solutions will enable you to meet lower loss budgets—now and in the future.     For additional information, please contact your NETP [...]

3010, 2017

NETP Proudly Announces the Addition of Igor to our Enterprise Smart Building Portfolio

October 30, 2017|Product Updates|

October 31, 2017 This Halloween Treat is no Trick from NETP, beginning on November 1st we are proud to announce our representation of Igor Inc.  Igor’s innovative PoE platform enables unprecedented levels of intelligent control over LED lighting systems.  Igor makes the promise of smart buildings a reality by leveraging the technology convergence of the Internet of Things. Igor's lighting platform decreases installation and retrofitting [...]

2410, 2017

Basor Expands Cable Management Solutions – Jhooks Now Available

October 24, 2017|Product Updates|

October 24, 2017 In addition to Basor’s top quality line of ladder runway and cable tray products, Basor has now released a hybrid JHook for another cable management option for our clients. This JHook is plenum rated and is TIA compliant and UL listed The latch is a snap-lock for ease of installation for the contractor The product is now available in 1”, 2”, 3” [...]

2509, 2017

StruxureOn Available Now

September 25, 2017|Product Updates|

September 25, 2017 APC’s Struxureware has developed a mobile app to allow existing Struxureware clients to download and monitor your network from your mobile device.  StruxureOn cloud-based monitoring software proactively minimizes downtime and reduces break-fix resolution time through smart alarming, remote troubleshooting and visibility into your device lifecycle. By using your data intelligently, we can help you: [one_half] resolve issues remotely improve time to resolution lower your [...]

809, 2017

Cooling Solutions & Considerations for High Performance Computers

September 8, 2017|Product Updates|

September 8, 2017 Data Center environments and designers continue to face challenges for cooling and power loads in todays high density and high compute environment.  HPC clusters in data centers are now consuming on average 35kw of power per rack.  Big Data Analytics in an expanded range of vertical markets continues to put stresses on data center planners, colocation companies and end clients.  Planning for [...]

3107, 2017

Northeast Technology Partners Video Overview on Who We Are

July 31, 2017|Product Updates|

August 1, 2017 New to NETP or need a refresher on why we are the best choice for all your enterprise data center, cabling solution and distributed antenna system needs, take a brief moment out of your day to learn more about who we are and the value we can offer you in this short video presented by our president Larry Jalbert.

2806, 2017

CommScope now offers a Field Installed Connector Solution for Above the Ceiling

June 28, 2017|Product Updates|

June 28, 2017 CommScope is proud to offer a new field installed connector solution that simplifies termination of UTP cable to an RJ45 plug.  As more equipment moves into the ceiling, the demand for high quality field termination solutions has grown.  To be successful, the solution must meet customer needs of ease of installation, consistent termination, and superior performance. CommScope has met these requirements with [...]

2806, 2017

Organizational Announcement

June 28, 2017|Company News|

June 27, 2017 Northeast Technology Partners would like to announce a new territory alignment strategy, along with an exciting personnel move.  We are extremely excited to announce that Steve Shattuck, VP of Sales, will be transitioning into the New York City market effective July 1st, taking the vacated spot of Chris Mote.  Steve has been highly successful in the Northern NJ market since our inception, [...]

2605, 2017

Basor Ladder Runway and Basket Tray in Stock

May 26, 2017|Product Updates|

May 26, 2017 Basor Cable Ladder Runway Telecommunications runway is an important component in a well-planned network. Basor Cable Ladder Runway is designed to support telecommunication cables in equipment rooms and pathways that connect to and support telecommunication racks or cabinets. A wide selection of supports and accessories give every installation a professional look. Basor Basket Tray is Self Splicing The Basorfil Self Splicing System [...]

805, 2017

CommScope’s High Speed Migration Data Center Solutions now available

May 8, 2017|Product Updates|

May 9, 2017 Every 60 seconds, the world downloads more than 38 hours of music on Spotify, streams nearly 70,000 hours of Netflix video and sends 150 million emails. This isn’t news, anymore—it’s your day-to-day reality. There are numerous migration paths from current network speeds to the higher speeds you’ll need in the future. They all use a different mix of technologies, speeds and standards. [...]

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