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103, 2019

Igor® Node Technology Overview

March 1, 2019|Product Updates|

March 1, 2019 Igor 60W Node Options The Igor Node is the hardware that provides the data connectivity and power distribution architecture to create a fully functioning Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) building control system. Features include: • 60W capacity • Daisy chain multiple nodes to maximize ports • Powers and controls attached devices • Manufacturer-agnostic • Easy controls, dashboards, and commissioning • Easy and efficient installation • [...]

3011, 2018

CommScope Updates their Product List Function

November 30, 2018|Product Updates|

November 30, 2018 CommScope has simplified the Product list function using the My CommScope page of their website and easily accessing the product catalog.  Check out this short video to see how simple it is to create product lists, download specifications for submittals and request a quote from your favorite distributor partner. If you have any questions, please contact your local NETP sales representative.

2510, 2018

CommScope Opens Power over Ethernet Lab for Research and Demonstration of Next-Generation Applications

October 25, 2018|Product Updates|

October 25, 2018 Power over Ethernet (PoE) is one of the “hot” applications for IT managers today, but a new CommScope research and development lab hopes to demonstrate it doesn’t get too hot, at least for the cables involved. Read more... Please contact your NETP sales representative for additional information.                  

810, 2018

APC Continues to Strengthen the Lithium Ion SmartUPS Portfolio

October 8, 2018|Product Updates|

October 8, 2018 Choose lithium-ion for your single phase UPS The advantage of choosing lithium-ion over VRLA Lithium-ion batteries had not previously been used for single-phase UPSs, often because of price. But, a 10-year Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) analysis shows a decrease of TCO up to 50% when using lithium-ion batteries over VRLA batteries. Lithium-ion batteries are also more compact and lightweight, weighing one [...]

509, 2018

APC Releases New Datacom Solutions Brochure

September 5, 2018|Product Updates|

September 5, 2018 APC just released this great new comprehensive brochure for the enterprise environment for your power and racking requirements.  The brochure has various solutions for racks, enclosures, PDUs and UPSs for the enterprise IDF and MDF environment.  Download the brochure by clicking here. For further information on APC Datacom solutions, please contact your local NETP sales representative.

2108, 2018

Introducing Nexos – Enabling Smart Buildings by Igor

August 21, 2018|Product Updates|

August 21, 2018 Introducing the first-of-its-kind IoT platform. Nexos is an all-in-one hardware, software and analytics solution, with an open API allowing developers to create endless integrations. Nexos is a centralized IoT platform designed to turn static, legacy commercial properties into future-proofed and agile smart buildings. Unlike current IoT platforms, Nexos can interconnect and control disparate technologies and systems within a smart building or campus, [...]

808, 2018

CommScope Announces Cat 6A Small Diameter Patch Cord

August 8, 2018|Product Updates|

August 8, 2018 CommScope is pleased to announce the availability and introduction of a small diameter Cat 6A patch cord for all 6A channel applications. The MiNo6A is a small-diameter (0.195 inches/4.95mm) patch cord, delivering Category 6A/Class EA performance while utilizing an unshielded twisted pair cable (U/UTP design). Building upon CommScope’s cable and connector engineering knowledge, the MiNo6A utilizes 28AWG solid conductors and a modular [...]

2207, 2018

CommScope Introduces Rollable Ribbon Fiber

July 22, 2018|Product Updates|

July 22, 2018 CommScope introduces I/O rollable ribbon cables into its already extensive portfolio of optical fiber cables. Featuring rollable ribbons, these cables provide double the density of standard matrix ribbon cables. Much higher fiber counts can now be used in existing duct banks, avoiding expensive OSP construction. Data center overhead or underfloor pathways are less congested, avoiding or postponing expensive pathway additions. Double the [...]

2606, 2018

A Fiber Shelf Option for Every Application

June 26, 2018|Product Updates|

June 26, 2018 CommScope offers many fiber shelves and frames that apply to different applications. Choosing the correct type for a specific application can sometimes be challenging. So, let’s try to simplify the process. For pre-term solutions that mostly apply to switched and server racks in the Data Center, the correct shelves to use are the HD and UD. These two shelves are optimized to [...]

905, 2018

Updated CommScope Div 27 Spec Generation Tool

May 9, 2018|Product Updates|

May 9, 2018 CommScope Div 27 Spec Generation Tool has been updated with all of the latest product updates and improvements to both the Uniprise and Systimax portfolio.  Download the new and updated tool today by following this link and selecting the Download button from the CommScope website.  Make your project design quick and simple by using this great tool to easily create a CSI [...]

805, 2018

Igor Technologies A Leader in Innovation for Smart Buildings

May 8, 2018|Product Updates|

May 9, 2018 Igor Technologies has the ability to help control the systems involved for Smart Buildings.  Check out these videos from the founder of Igor Technologies to learn more about how this innovative company is connecting technology for the Internet of Things. For additional information on Igor Technologies contact your local NETP sales representative.

2404, 2018

Coming in May from APC – A New Smart-UPS option with Lithium-ion Battery

April 24, 2018|Product Updates|

April 24, 2018 APC Smart-UPS Li-Ion UPS Overview: The new APC Smart-UPS 1500VA Rackmount with Lithium-ion batteries is a 3U short-depth rackmount UPS. If you can answer yes to any of these questions you or your customer are a strong candidate for a Li-ion UPS solution: Are you tired of battery replacement needs? Struggling with budget for replacement batteries? Have you encountered unexpected battery failures? [...]

2304, 2018

Organizational Announcement

April 23, 2018|Company News|

April 23, 2018 To our valued customers, Northeast Technology Partners is pleased to announce the addition of a new team member.  Jordan Shackelford will join Northeast Technology Partners on April 23, 2018, as a Sales Associate for the New York City Metro area and Long Island.  Jordan comes to NETP with a very successful sales career in the logistical services arena, with 7 years of [...]

904, 2018

CommScope Promotion – Free SL Termination Tool

April 9, 2018|Product Updates|

April 10, 2018 As part of the change in CommScope Category 5e and Uniprise Category 6 jack termination methods, CommScope is offering a special promotional incentive to ensure that the installation tools are readily available. As described in the February 16, 2018 Product Newsflash, the new jack design will require use of the Modular Jack Termination SL Tool Kit with Lacing Fixture.  Click here for [...]

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