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410, 2021
  • igor-logo

How can Igor Help in Achieving LEED and WELL credits toward certification?

October 4, 2021|Product Updates|

LEED from USGBC is the most commonly implemented energy efficiency program in the construction industry today.  Igor’s Nexos is an IoT building platform that incorporates hardware, software and cloud analytics to enable smart and secure buildings.  Utilizing Nexos combined with an open API to integrate various technologies allows a client to implement one integrated network technology to simplify energy efficiency and improve the quality of [...]

2109, 2021
  • voltserver Logo

Voltserver Launches their New Website

September 21, 2021|Product Updates|

VoltServer has launched their new website at Check out their website for information on Digital Electricity in the Wireless Densification market, Intelligent Building and Commercial Agriculture.  Download white papers and Application guides that discuss the advantages of implementing Voltserver’s revolutionary technology. NETP is proud to represent Voltserver in N.NJ, metro NY and CT!  Please contact us for additional information.

1709, 2021

Basor Electric September Monthly Greenletter

September 17, 2021|Product Updates|

MC Cables in a Basorfil wire basket tray:  Wire mesh is a NEC recognized Cable Tray wiring method. NEC 392.3 Uses Permitted:  Cable tray shall be permitted to be used as a support system for service conductors, feeders, branch circuits, communications circuits, control circuits, and signaling circuits. Cable Tray installations shall not be limited to industrial applications. Do you want to know [...]

2508, 2021
  • cable exchange locations

Cable Exchange – Need Patchcords Fast?

August 25, 2021|Product Updates|

Cable Exchange has been a leading supplier of fiber optic and copper assemblies for voice, data and video in the United States since 1986. CommScope acquired Cable Exchange in 2017 which served to strengthen the commitment to delivering quality products, quickly and competitively. In today’s business climate, Cable Exchange is still able to offer both off the shelf and can customize solutions for your [...]

1008, 2021
  • CommScope logo 2011

CommScope’s ONECELL® Product Ideal Small Cell Solution for 5G Migration

August 10, 2021|Product Updates|

ONECELL® is CommScope’s award-winning indoor small cell solution. It utilizes a Cloud RAN (C-RAN) architecture to create a single cell across multiple radios for improved performance and simplified deployment. ONECELL® is designed to service medium-sized to large buildings with high capacity and excellent performance. CommScope’s ONECELL® illustrates how small cells are evolving to help operators better support wireless users indoors. Using a [...]

607, 2021
  • APC-Logo

APC New 2200 & 3KVA Lithium Ion Smart UPS Now Available

July 6, 2021|Product Updates|

APC has recently introduced additional products to the Smart UPS portfolio of Lithium Ion powered UPSs.   APC has added both 2200 va and 3kva units in a 2U form factor available immediately!  These Smart UPS continue to bring the guaranteed, reliable performance that APC is known to provide along with a longer battery life for improved lifetime of the unit and less maintenance. The Smart [...]

1002, 2021
  • cable exchange locations

Cable Exchange is a Great Option for Fast Turnaround Assemblies

February 10, 2021|Product Updates|

Cable Exchange – Leading Cable Assembly Manufacturer Cable Exchange has been a leading supplier of fiber optic and copper assemblies for voice, data and video in the United States since 1986. CommScope acquired Cable Exchange in 2017 which served to strengthen the commitment to delivering quality products, quickly and competitively priced. Cable Exchange maintains both off the shelf and can offer custom solutions for your [...]

1711, 2020

NETP adds VoltServer’s Digital Electricity™ Products to our Line Card

November 17, 2020|Product Updates|

VoltServer - Digital Electricity™ for Digital Transformation NETP is pleased to announce adding VoltServer to our portfolio of products for the Intelligent Building segment of the market.  VoltServer is the leading provider of intelligent, premise-based power distribution solutions leveraging Digital Electricity™ from centralized source to distributed endpoint loads to improve customer’s essential business applications.  VoltServer’s patented and proven Digital Electricity™ (DE) solutions deliver cost-effective, high-reliability [...]

1510, 2020

Igor’s Nexos Platform Enables Workplaces to Track Occupancy Data

October 15, 2020|Product Updates|

Igor’s smart building platform in Nexos allows building owners and tenants to enforce social distancing by limiting occupancy in indoor spaces.  Utilization of occupancy data and real time location systems can assist organizations in best utilizing building space in today’s environment and can easily adjust settings through easy to use software presets and programming. Click here for a detailed article from Igor that discusses some [...]

1509, 2020

APC 2020 PDU Pocket Guide Now Available for Download

September 15, 2020|Product Updates|

APC has updated their PDU Pocket Guide tool with a 2020 version.  It includes all of the most recent power distribution product changes and improvements.  This easy to use quick reference can help you find the PDU part number and options available as standard stocked items.  Check out this handy tool to make all your power distribution product selections!  And APC has included many cabinets [...]

2107, 2020

Basor Continues to Innovate New Products & Tools

July 21, 2020|Product Updates|

Basor has developed a number of new products and tools for our contractor and consultant partners to utilize for ease of design and installation of wire mesh tray products.  Basor has updated and released new CSI formatted Div 26 and 27 specifications for the Basorfil Wire Mesh Tray and Div 26 specifications for our plastic tray solution.  These documents can be found on the Tools [...]

1707, 2020
  • CommScope logo 2011

CommScope Introduces Products to Ease Installation

July 17, 2020|Product Updates|

CommScope’s new field terminated Category 6A and Category 6 modular plugs are now available globally. These modular plugs comply with the Modular Plug Terminated Link (MPTL) method under the ANSI-TIA 586.2-D standard. MPTL offers installation flexibility of IoT sensors and devices by enabling cables to be directly connected to devices without the requirement of additional outlets and patch cords. The optimized design with minimal components [...]

1405, 2020

Igor Technologies for Intelligent Buildings is Flexible and Adaptable to a Changing World

May 14, 2020|Product Updates|

Igor’s Nexos IoT platform was developed and is successful at executing POE lighting but that is only one application that can be implemented using one converged smart building network and platform.  Igor’s Nexos IoT platform of hardware and software can provide a centralized network infrastructure to bring  so many existing and developing technologies to the buildings of today and tomorrow.   Applications to achieve energy [...]

705, 2020

Basor Introduces a New Submittal Builder Tool for Cable Management Products – Volume 2

May 7, 2020|Product Updates|

Basor US has introduced a new tool to build out PDF submittal files right on their website with easy drop down selection and conversion to an email or downloadable file with all of your project needs for cable management products.  You can utilize this tool once for a project or time after time for your ongoing project needs.  Please check out the Basor Submittal tool [...]

1604, 2020

Basor Blast & Tools for Cable Management Projects – Volume 1

April 16, 2020|Product Updates|

Basor has created some additional tools and will be releasing a series of Basor Blast videos that are accessible on our NETP YouTube channel for your ease of reference.  The first one of the series is included for you to view below. Basor has developed a Jhook Cross Reference for ease of use for specification and crossing.  Basor has abundant Jhook inventory in their warehouses ready [...]

904, 2020

Webinar Recording on Igor’s Software Capabilities

April 9, 2020|Product Updates|

Igor Founder Dwight Stewart goes through the key components of Igor’s software capabilities in controlling POE lighting and IoT devices for an intelligent building.  Dwight focuses on the ease of configuration of the system utilizing the software, the open API and the analytics capabilities through the cloud portal.  This 30 minute webinar gives you an excellent concept of Igor’s software capabilities. Check out [...]

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