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CommScope In-Building Wireless Solutions

CommScope In-Building Wireless Solutions Wireless technology has become the primary communications method in public venues and commercial buildings for both personal communication and first responder services. As wireless penetration rates approach and exceed 100%, users demand that their wireless connected electronic devices work just as effectively indoors as they do outdoors. First responders require reliable, ubiquitous radio coverage to ensure the safety of the public as well as themselves in emergency situations. CommScope’s In-Building Wireless (IBW) Solution provides the products and services to address the most complex mobile challenges.


Experience and Excellence Make CommScope’s In-Building Wireless Solutions the Right Choice

In a world transformed by communications, convergence of voice, data and video brings today’s mobile society together and enhances our lives, workplaces and communities. CommScope’s In-Building Wireless Solutions can help shape the mobile future. With a comprehensive product portfolio, CommScope supports today’s mobile society and helps build the foundation for reliable wireless service. CommScope has world-leading wireless operator customers, while through its enterprise division does business with building owners and tenants the world over. This customer base and corresponding product portfolio makes CommScope unique in supporting all communication needs to the sector. CommScope provides a one-stop source for managing the entire lifecycle of a wireless network. The IBW product line offers a complete solution that serve 2G, 3G, and 4G wireless networks. CommScope is a recognized world leader in infrastructure solutions for communications networks, and its In-Building Wireless (IBW) product line is an integral piece to CommScope’s network infrastructure solution. CommScope enables customers around the world to create a connected environment that supports current and future business and technology opportunities by providing the right network infrastructure solution. Employees and guests; suppliers and customers all have come to expect reliable connectivity wherever they may be, from their car to the office. The promise of mobility is here and CommScope’s IBW Solutions ensure that it has no boundaries.

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